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is a revolution in orgasms! The sensational new patent-pending oral sex simulator has a wheel of 10 teasing tongues that will lap you to orgasm time and time again. Sqweel is a patent-pending sex toy for women (and their partners!) designed to simulate the sensation of oral sex. Forget everything you thought you knew about sex toys - LoveHoney Sqweel is different. It doesn't vibrate. It doesn't thrust. It doesn't just provide quick, semi-satisfying orgasms. Its unique wheel of tongues provides easily controlled stimulation at just the speed you need to deliver deeper, long-lasting, more 'real' sheet-clenching orgasms - whenever you want them!

Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue
Even the name sounds like a good time! The Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue provides dual-action vibrating and sucking pleasure for those times when you're feeling especially aroused.

Here's how it works: soft, sensuous sucking lips arouse and caress the vaginal area while a teasing, powerful, multi-speed vibrating tongue provides optimal oral stimulation to the clitoris. How's that for efficient design?

The Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue is also mounted on a sturdy suction cup base, just in case you want to dive into some hands-free joy-time. All that and an easy-squeeze hand pump lets you control your own destiny!

The Lick
Experience tongue twisting, toe curling pleasure with this new cunningly clever design! Silent and 100% waterproof The Lick will 'Go Down' whenever and wherever you want it. Produced using the new environmentally friendly IntraMed material for your safe use, now you can cum without conscience! The powerful long lasting vibration is provided by the amazing RO-80mm. 1 x 1.5V LR1 / N Size / AM5 battery supplied. We're sure you will agree The Lick is Lickaliciously Good!

The Accommodator
This interesting gadget must have been designed by a woman, because there's just no way a man could have thought of this... he would have said, "Hey, I won't look like my usual super-studly self wearing that..." But you gotta admit, it's a brilliant idea, and bound to make oral sex even better. Just make sure he doesn't forget he's wearing it and head off to work with it still attached.  

Great Oral Sex Videos

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Oral Sex: Cunnilingus
Shot in High Definition. Couples attend a workshop led by Justine Jolie, where she teaches anatomy, tips, and techniques for cunnilingus, then demonstrates various techniques for the crowd on her model Ariel X while workshop participants watch and ask questions. We meet Cindy Crawford and Jack Lawrence, who talk about their experiences with oral sex. Then, we see as they demonstrate different positions, techniques, and tricks for great oral sex. Next, we meet Kelly Kline and Kevin, a real married couple, who talk about cunnilingus. They demonstrate different positions, techniques, and tricks for great oral sex. In a bonus scene, Justine and Ariel have sex after the workshop.

Going Down: The Official Guide To Cunnilingus
Going down on a woman can give her exquisite pleasure-and intense orgasms. Learn what women love about this intimate, sexy activity and learn how to do it better! Featuring sex professionals, real-life couples, and new comers to oral sex, Dr. Carol Queen discusses expert information about anatomy, arousal and techniques. 

Smart, sexy, fun and permission giving, the Pleasure-Ed series doesn't just tell you how to have better sex, it shows you, too. This series helps you find your own sexual style and enjoy it with confidence. The Pleasure -Ed Series is a continuing collection of explicit sexual education films that include a wide range of informational content to inspire and enhance sex lives. 

Nina Hartley’s Guide to Better Cunnilingus
Hall of Fame superstar Nina Hartley teaches you everything you need to know about orally pleasing a woman in this revolutionary new how-to-video. In graphic detail, Nina explains and demostrates various cunnilingus techniques, gives own personal insights on arousing your partner, and shares her years of experience. Celebrating a decade of erotic performing. Nina lovingly wrote and directed the video for every one of you interested in expanding your sexual horizon - and pleasing your partner! it's erotic, it's arousing, it's educational.. its Nina Hartleys Guide to Better Cunnilingus.


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