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Cunnilingus Tips for Men

* Kiss her first! Or, as John Cleese says in the Meaning of Life: "What's wrong with a kiss boy? There's no need to go stampeding toward the clitoris..." Establish intimacy face to face.

* Tease. Don't just dive right in there! Consider licking her thighs, her stomach, under her knees, all those places around the clit that are sensitive. This way you make sure she's in the mood

* Go slow at the beginning. Remember that women can take some time getting warmed up.

* Lots of lubrication. Rough tongues are a no-no, so make sure there's lots of saliva.

* Concentrate on the clitoris. Swirling your tongue around the vulva and even poking into her vagina are nice, but remember that the clit is where the action is, so make sure you return to it and keep licking!

* Use your fingers. Women love it when you lick them and insert a finger or two at the same time, maybe even finding the G-spot and moving it in a "come hither" motion.

* Lick the alphabet. If you're not sure of the exact motion to use, move your tongue as if you're writing the alphabet letter-by-letter on her clit. She should be close to orgasm by 'O'.

* Take your time. Be prepared to have a bit of stamina, don't just give her 30 seconds and expect it all to happen at once.

Most importantly:
Attitude. A lot of women still feel nervous about their vulvas. You're getting very intimate and personal, so make sure she knows you love it. Don't act as if it's a chore, or assume that it's only "foreplay" i.e. you're only doing it to get her ready for intercourse. For many women, cunnilingus is the main course, the best way for her to come. So give her as much effort she needs. And tell her she's beautiful, that she tastes good, that her cunt is gorgeous. If she's relaxed and confident about her body, she'll be more likely to orgasm.

A note about safe sex
Cunnilingus is considered to be safer than other forms of sex when it comes to STDs. However, there is a small risk of AIDS, and a much larger chance of contracting gonorrhoea. Dental dams are worth the effort. If you're absolutely desperate, go for the cling wrap... :)

Fellatio Tips for Women

* Don't start sucking right away. Start off with little licks, and stroke the scrotum, upper thighs etc. Lick around the area if you wish.

* Make sure your mouth is well lubricated with saliva. It helps if you're not thirsty, so have a drink of water first.

* Try not to let air into your mouth or throat. Suck with a vacuum. (No, not that kind of vacuum!)

* Swirl your tongue around the head of the penis while you move your mouth up and down the shaft.

* Suck the top part while rubbing up and down the shaft with your hands. Gradually get faster and faster.

* Play with his balls and scrotum while licking the shaft.

* Vary your technique. A good blow job shouldn't be too repetitive. Just remember to keep your mouth on his penis 90% of the time.

* The longer you suck, the more intense his orgasm. To prevent yourself from getting tired, alternate between various styles or even switch to a "handjob" for a while.

* A man's "G spot" is actually his prostate gland, which can be reached via his anus. If you're OK with anal play, go for it, sucking all the while. Just remember, be gentle.

* Props are always fun. Whether it be food - whipped cream, flavoured lubricant, honey - or toys like a vibrator, it all enhances the experience. Even an ice cube in the mouth to cool him down can be fun.

* Watch those teeth. The penis is very sensitive, so make sure your lips cover those pearly whites.

* He may want you to look lovingly into his eyes while you're down there. This isn't the case with all men, but many find eye contact during oral sex to be very erotic.

* It's up to you whether you spit or swallow. Most men find it erotic, but only do it if you're comfortable with it.

A note about safe sex
Despite what thousands of teens seem to believe, fellatio IS sex, and you CAN get sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS from it. Remember to use a condom when performing oral sex - it helps if it's flavoured. If you've got a boring old normal condom, you can get rid of the rubber taste by washing it out in water, and re-rolling it. Just make sure you don't tear it as you wash!

Recommended Book
The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus: How to Go Down on a Woman and Give Her Exquisite Pleasure by Violet Blue

"Many people enjoy giving and receiving cunnilingus, but where do you turn when you want to learn more about oral sex or ways to introduce it into a relationship? In her friendly, witty tone, Blue dispatches fascinating facts and discusses games for lovers, positions, safety, a variety of techniques, erotic book and video recommendations, and tips for effectively communicating with a partner." (Amazon.com review)

Recommended Book
The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio: How to Go Down on a Man and Give Him Mind-Blowing Pleasure by Violet Blue

"With wit, expertise, and an enthusiastic approach, the author of The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus dispels myths and delivers concise information on going down on a man. Featuring a complete resource guide to books, videos, illustrations, and websites depicting fellatio, every tip, trick, and technique for giving skilled and unforgettable fellatio is provided..." (Amazon.com review) It includes erotic stories to get you in the mood!

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