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Oral Sex for Women is also known as cunnilingus, muff diving, clit licking, going down and beaver licking. Oral sex for women involves the stimulation of the clitoris and vulva with the lips and tongue. For many women, it is the ultimate sexual experience, preferable to intercourse. The sensations of oral sex are enough to guarantee orgasm, or at least intense pleasure. For others it is a difficult act to enjoy, perhaps due to self consciousness - a result of our restrictive society that tells women they are dirty "down there".
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In any case, there's not enough of it going on. Statistics reveal that men receive fellatio far more often than women receive cunnilingus. It may be that men are reluctant to do it, or it could be that women do feel nervous about opening up and enjoying it.

Thankfully there are plenty of men out there who are extremely keen on the idea. As Dylan Edwards recently wrote in Salon magazine: "In whispered tones typically reserved for drug deals and the PGA Tour, we shared our passion for diving in..." Edwards renamed the act "snacking". "Snackers do not 'chow down' like ravenous wolves" he wrote, "they nibble delicately, savoring the cuisine." Undoubtedly, women want to see more of this enthusiasm!

In any case, the Oral Sex for Women site wants to encourage as much cunnilingus as possible! If you want oral sex tips, you'll find them here. There's also photos of oral sex for women, links to quality erotica for women sites, cunnilingus books, films, toys and heaps more!

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